Let’s create Conscious Embodied Living together.


Creating a deeper connection to the mind, body, and soul affords us a way to tap into our innate way of living that we inherently were born with.

My hope is to utilize my training as a doctorate in physical therapy harmoniously with other holistic healing modalities to offer a true outlet for wellness. Discover how your body soul can work together by honing your body wisdom and tapping into your feminine power. I will provide you with practical tools based in my knowledge in holistic movement, physiology, and mindbody wellness coaching and serve as a mirror and guide for you to dive deep expand your wellness to the fullest.


Welcome! I’m Jessica.

I'm a doctor of physical therapy, mindbody wellness coach, and yoga instructor based in Boston, MA. I teach conscious humans how to listen to their bodies so they can tap into their innate power and create true conscious living.


 While these are all titles that I have accumulated over time, I am first and foremost a human with the desire to help guide our generation to more conscious living and forge the path to a more holistic approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. In the world we live in, life can slowly begin to cover us in layers of external distraction, self-doubt, anxiety, and shame. I believe we all have the capacity for inner healing, power, and alignment and it's just a matter of peeling away those layers and tapping back into cyclical living and get back to who we authentically are.

With my combined experiences and training in western and eastern modalities I offer a unique approach to finding the path that is best suited for whatever intentions you carry all with the goal for you to become more in tune with the body for physical and mental healing and giving you practical tools to help orient your lifestyle around being your best self.

I hope to be your ally, support, and mirror as we traverse through your journey together.

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